Make translation easier

AppTranslate wants to support you in the following scenarios:

  • You want to save time in localizing your app
  • You missed defining localized strings in your source-code with NSLocalizedString() and want to save the time to walk through all your files and modify them manually
  • You want to rework your keys and comments of NSLocalizedString()
  • You did a translation already but have made changes in your code and want to merge this
  • You want an easy-to-use UI for translating your strings
  • You want to translate an Xliff-file
  • You want help in setting up your Xcode-Project


  • Search for simple strings and replace them with NSLocalizedString("key", "comment") by just one click.
  • Modify your existing keys and comments in source code with an easy to use UI
  • Change your Xcode-settings for localization
  • Merge your existing translations with new keys created during further development
  • Show the location of strings inside your InterfaceBuilder-layouts visually
  • Get a better overview during translation
Project overview
Select files
Select languages
Scan additional strings
Edit keys and comments
Translation list
Translation of InterfaceBuilder strings
Translation in detail view


Have a look a the help which is also available inside the app

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