Where can AppTranslate help you?

AppTranslate wants to support you in the following scenarios:

If one or all of the above points happens to you from time to time, AppTranslate should make your life easier


How does it work?

If you want to better understand what AppTranslate does, here is how it works:

File handling

If you select an .xcodeproj, AppTranslate will look into the project definition and use the information about regions, localization and files inside the project to handle the localization.

If you select a folder or single files, AppTranslate will do its best to use these files together. If you import source code and .strings-files it will bring them together, if you leave one part, it will consider the other part missing.

Scan for additional String in source code

AppTranslate will parse your source code files and search for occurences of strings. It will understand that an #import command, a NSLog or print() command do not contain localizable strings, but will often find strings that are part of your programming logic. To make sure you do not miss any, it will show you all of those strings as well. Strings inside comments are not shown as well. If you find that AppTranslate parses your code wrong, please come back to us with an example so that we can improve the tool.

When you select to localize a string, AppTranslate will replace the occurence in your code with the equivalent NSLocalizedString()

Edit keys and comments

Xcode contains the tools genstrings and ibtool to generate .strings files from your source code and Interface-Builder files. As both tools can not be executed well from the App-Sandbox (that is mandatory for the Mac App Store), AppTranslate has its own scanner for localized strings in code and InterfaceBuilder-Files (storyboards and xibs). It will parse your code and identify them. As the keys of InterfaceBuilder-Files are cryptic (e. g. Abx-10x-cde.title), you can not change the keys here, but AppTranslate will give you a better comment to identify, where the text is located inside your UI.


Besides of the strings in your localized .strings-files, AppTranslate shows with the built-in scanner for InterfaceBuilder the location of your strings inside the UI.

The user interface should make it easier for you to translate your strings.