Prepare your project

Depending on the state of your project you can omit some of the following steps:

1. If your project is not prepared for translation

2. Start a new Project in AppTranslate

If you want you can use the wizard which is offered on first launch or by selecting File - Wizard from the menu. The wizard guides you through the further steps and gives some brief explanation.

3. Select the files for your Project

Click on “Select project files”.” The best way is to select your .xcodeproj-File or drag and drop it to the Filelist. This way AppTranslate can manage your locales and defaultLanguage in the Xcode-Project when you change them in AppTranslate. AppTranslate will always use the files currently in the project when scanning for strings and translations. Alternatively you can select a folder or single files. If you select a folder AppTranslate offers to always use all files within that folder without you having to update the list. A “Pods” folder will be ignored by AppTranslate as translation of a Cocoapods-Library does not make sense.

Select files

4. Check or select the base and target languages

Click on “Select target languages” Add the locales you want to translate and define your project localization if not done before.

Select languages